Saturday, December 26, 2009

Anti-Trojan Elite 4.8.1

- Disk and memory scan supported.
- Real-time malware firewall.
- Compressed files (RAR ZIP CAB) scan supported.
- Backup module: Backup trojan files before killing.
- Network Manager. View the tcp/udp states and the processes they belonged to. User can disconnect any tcp connection and stop the opposite process.
- Process manager. View the processes and its DLL modules' information. User can terminate any process and unload any DLL module.
- Internet Explorer and registry repair utility.
- Updating online supported, and auto check updates when ATE starts.
- Real-time registry monitor utility.

O&O PartitionManager Professional Edition v2.7.740

Software Name: O & O PartitionManager
version: 2.7 Build 740
Software Type: Disk Tools
System requirements: Win XP / Win 2003 / Win Vista / Win 2008 / Win 7
Software Description:

O & O PartitionManager is a very similar to the Windows Disk Manager but includes a number of advanced features, such as the option of changing the size of portable partitions or actions to another location. The integration of multiple award-winning design. The program can identify and support dynamic and GPT disks, USB disks, memory cards. All of these can be used for new construction and conversion of different types of disks. For example, this will be your basic disk to create dynamic disks and then further converted into dynamic or "spanned" volume, just a few mouse clicks. Changes in the size of the partition size of the partition can be changed according to their size and the amount of data allocation. You can, for example, a large gap divided into several smaller, first of all it is reduced to a minimum size, and then allocate space for the release of a number of smaller partitions. You can create one big partition smaller buffer first district, then the expansion of the original partition into a larger one, you can restore the buffered data. Delete Data Security When you delete data, you let the "invisible" system. Your data still exists, but the current on your hard drive. Caution needs to be passed on when you are looking for or sell your computer espionage, because the information can easily rebuild your personal and professional information on the use of commercial data recovery software. If you want to ensure that your data is actually permanently deleted, use the integrated delete function from O-line slag SafeErase. Do not even have a dedicated data recovery software, users will be able to restore any of this information. In the same way, the entire drive, or free disk space can be easily removed. Main features: - New, delete, expand and shrink partitions - For the first time, supports all types increased from Vista and Windows XP, for example: eg GPT-, basic disks and dynamic disks - including the leading-edge technology for disk finishing - Support for Vista and Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google Earth v5.1.3533.1731

[Software Name] Google Earth v5.1.3533.1731
[Operating System] Vista/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
[Software size] 22 MB
[Download method] HTTP
[Share period] to avoid air cutting file

Google Earth integration of Google's local search and driving directions two services that bird's eye view of the world, will replace the current desktop search software. He can in the virtual world as an eagle flying freely in the Grand Canyon, landing canyon peak, sneak into the canyon abyss.

Google Earth uses the 3D map of location technology able to Google Map on the latest satellite images to a new level. Users can search a specific area on the 3D map, zoom the virtual image, and then the formation of driving directions. In addition, Google Earth has also crafted a special option - aerial view of the road, so that the vitality of motorists remember with affection. Google Earth mainly through access to Keyhole's space and satellite images expand the database to achieve these above functions. The database was updated in the last week, it contains a large number of terrain data provided by NASA, the future will cover more terrain, involving retirement, wasteland, etc..

[Main Features]

Google Earth Pro edition as opposed to the free version:

* Suitable for professional and commercial uses

* Google Earth Pro will make the regional survey and expressed as a simple matter. Enter destination address, you can watch Google Earth has been speeding from origin to destination, and 3D models are displayed along with commercial organizations, schools, shopping malls, will be a simulation of the city's export recorded video format produced, and these show to record the share with colleagues or customers

* Mature technology ensures that only the data stream to pass to your designated area data;

* Provide the global landscape images and 3D data - a total of more than 1000GB against the city's high-precision satellite captured images;

* Area lets you check to find restaurants, hotels and travel routes. Buildings can be accurately simulated 3D presentation, and using multi-layer flexible functional query, save search results.

* Be able to separately showing the parks, schools, hospitals, airports and shopping malls such as the layer functions;

* Roads and buildings through the introduction of location information to design sketches, in order to draw a blueprint for the building;

* Be able to make note lines and multilateral graphics;

* Upgrade to the electronic form on the volume more than 2500 area location information;

* KML bookmarks to share - to provide for bookmarks recording function, and allow import and export, which makes GE's use of the exchange will be more convenient;

Saturday, November 21, 2009

VSO Blindwrite Suite v6.3.1.5_ latest CD burning software

【Name】 Software: VSO Blindwrite Suite v6.3.1.5
【Language】: multi-language
【Category】 Software: Burning Program
【Properties】 Software: Sharing
【Size】: 8.20 MB
The space 【】: depositfiles / nakido
【Decompression password】: no

The latest CD burning software, it features effects and there is no different Clone CD , and not pick burner! ! It is the most unique feature is that almost all of the writers to support the original mode, the source CD burning can be a complete copy the source of recordable CD-ROM that contains all the information reach the true 1:1 mode, burn and copy it disc. It is the mother of a CD can be made into the film data saved to hard disk ISO image file in the tools, the next time you want to copy burning software can restore the image file. The tools most salient feature is the ability to "copy-protected" compact disc image file, and will, through its 100% burning software to restore the backup file should be. Supported CD-ROM are: information on CD-ROM, music CDs, 3DO CD-ROM, Sony PlayStation CD-ROM, Sega Saturn CD-ROM and IDE, SCSI CD-ROM drive.

Blindwrite, your ultimate game copy software back up tool! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive (i.e. Daemon Tools). Blind write's Game Copy Software supports a large number of formats and is regularly updated to support the latest technology. Combined with CopyToDVD, it is a complete set of software for all your backup needs: data files, 1:1 CD/DVD backups, audio CDs from music files and DVD movies. A must-have!

Blind Write supports all popular CD/DVD writers and handles every available DVD format (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R Dual Layer).

Friday, November 20, 2009

cFosSpeed 5.01 Build 1584 Beta - Internet Download Accelerator

【Category】 Software: Internet Tools
【Language】: Multilanguage
【Software Version】: 5.01 Build 1584 Beta
【Size】: 2.8 MB
【Operating System】: Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WIN7
【Storage space】: Multiupload
【Software Introduction】: Resolving methods see instructions.

cFosSpeed is a function of a DSL modem and router a lot of driver software, you can make full use of your ISDN, and DSL connections. Let ADSL upload full load will not allow to download a turtle crawling:
cFosSpeed a lot of people use P2P software, or MSN pass files, often they will feel slow to open web pages, this is because the ADSL specification itself, factors that will slow down the upload full download speed. If you have such trouble, cFosSpeed try to help you solve the problem. Many people may not know, because of their own specifications factors, ADSL upload the file to achieve full load will slow down the download speed, resulting in slow opening web pages, or even can not be opened, especially the use eDonkey, eMule, or BT, when such software feel will be particularly evident, upload pass like a turtle crawling under full load, how should we do? CFosSpeed - try it, its unique "Traffic Shaping" technology can solve this problem! "Traffic Shaping" technology is a network packet scheduling technology, it will be ADSL upload speeds of up to fully loaded, forcing the system to adjust the bandwidth, the user can adjust the program's network priority, so that the program has a high priority packets (for example, browsers, online games ... ... commonly used programs such as their own), can be squeezed into the transmission bandwidth has been filled in to maintain their connection smooth. In this way, when a user using BT software upload and download files at the same time, we do not be afraid to reach full speed upload download speeds slowed down, you can normally browse the web or play games.

software features:
-Advanced Traffic Shaping (Traffic Shaping))
- For DSL modems and routers;
- With common PPPoE driver compatible;
-automatic identification router;
- Automatic calibration;
- Answer games and such eMule, Kazaa, etc. on the other network;
-free to define the priority level;
-dial phone features high charges;
- Traffic counter and timer;
- Firewall;
- Time synchronization;
-optimal remote data communications network to improve network speed;
- Intelligent Recognition of the connections not in use!

NetWorx v5.0.6_ free installation

【Language】 : multi-language
【Category】 Software : Internet Tools
【Software】 format : RAR
【Size】 : 1.43 MB
The space 【】 : depositfiles / nakido
【Decompression password】: no
NetWorx-free installation of network traffic monitoring software, real-time monitoring of upload and download bandwidth used, you can statistics daily, weekly, monthly total bandwidth usage, lightweight easy to use, free installation, free Microsoft. NET Framework.

Network is not busy busy in the end how do you know? Immediate need to know the current state of network busy with the software supporting the most convenient and Hello! NetWorx is a set of real-time view of network traffic can be a tool, color can distinguish upload or download traffic, the network busy immediately clear Hello!

In addition to the basic flow chart, there are chronograph function, it can do for some time Neice a state of the average amount of network traffic, etc.; in addition to the imposition of a small network debugging feature, traceroute, ping there netstats, be quite convenient software.

Changes in NetWorx 5.0.6 (2009-11-11):
* Custom report is shown in consistent order with the daily, monthly and weekly reports.
* Traceroute window is now resizeable.
* Tray icon indicates the status if the current adapter becomes unavailable.
* Fixed small errors shown in daily/weekly/monthly/custom reports when on-peak or off-peak view was turned on.
* Usage data can now be reset fully, including data received from other computers during synchronisation.
* Added last 24-hour quota and usage display. This works similarly to the daily quota/usage display, but instead uses a sliding 24-hour window in calculations.

Net Control 2

Net Control 2 is designed for classrooms, libraries, Internet cafes and other public access to computer-based remote control software of personal computer networks.

A variety of benefits:
‧ Net Control 2 for ease of management while the number of computers to use the word.
‧ Due to its scalable architecture, it is suitable for small home networks and large networks, containing thousands of user's computer.
‧ remote desktop, broadcast desktop, files and programs management, messaging, monitoring, and many other features have been combined in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
‧ recent Net Control 2 can be carried out under all Windows operating systems, and including support for new Windows Vista, Net Control version 7.
‧ We are proud to offer this software in industry price: from $ 2.50 per computer for ordinary licenses and $ 2500 for the whole school district's license, no membership fees and hidden charges!

Basic features:
‧ Remote Desktop features (view and control user computers, using keyboard and mouse; remote control several computers simultaneously).
‧ Play Desktop features - share Teacher's or any of a user's desktop with other users, not the actual performance depends on the amount of computers on the network.
‧ desktop recorder to prepare for electronic presentations and share them with users.
‧ document management - the deployment of files and programs, remote processing of documents to support the "real" folder.
‧ Remote power management: restart, switch the computer, wake-up computers via LAN, turn off your computer, as well as standby and sleep.
‧ with the user's speech, messenger (text, graphics, sound).
‧ Remote management program: implementation, termination and non-implementation of programs and services.
‧ control user access to the Internet: track visited Web site, dynamically block and enable to pass into the website domain name or content of the page base.
‧ Automation: macro-commands, batch execution files, scheduled tasks.